Terms and Conditions

In consideration of any agreement provided herein or within Hitrust Finance Corporation, you
confirm that:

  1. The applicant is in the legal age of majority or 18 years and above.
  2. The following information filed or submitted in any form in this website are true and
  3. The applicant shall be bound to all or any applicable rules and regulations governing
    Hitrust Finance Corporation, including but not limited to paying the necessary fees as
    the transaction may require.
  4. Hitrust Finance Corporation shall keep the applicant’s data confidential and use it only
    within the bounds of applicable Philippine laws, rules, and regulations. Sharing
    information only when it is expressly authorized by law and most importantly, when it
    is with the applicant’s consent.
  5. Any error committed or any mistake in the information given shall make the applicant
    be held accountable for such errors and might suffer the consequence if not corrected
    immediately. If later found that the applicant is still using such incorrect information,
    Hitrust Finance Corporation may revoke or cancel the application.
  6. Any policy breached by any parties shall result in the cancellation of the transaction
    with the benefit of the non-breaching party. The non-breaching party shall be entitled
    to any compensation if such breach resulted in any damage.